Animals Give you Tough Love

This turtle can't believe it took you this long to check out this article

Sam Proofby Sam Proof

tough love ze frank

This funny music video will not dissapoint, unless you're one of the animals within.

Remember gang, stop putting off the life changing things you can do today, or you'll be breaking ths hearts of so many adorable, cute and fluffys!


Originally inspired by a buzzfeed article with a million (or 30 some) pics of cute but dissapointed animals with catch phrases full of buzz words, Ze Frank has tugged on viral video gold. Cause if there's on thing that's gonna go viral on the internet it's Anthropomorphic Animals… Or Funny music videos… or Just being Ze Frank… this has all of those! Comedy gold explosion button *Push* Kaboom!

However some other animals don't seem to share the same enthusiasm about this video. Guess they're just jelly they didn't get a proper nod to their own dissapointment. isn't that just the irony, dissapointment at not being dissapointed!


This puppy knowns you know he basically create that lyric about the bunny, and you change two words, but credit where credit is due!


No Me Gusta

no me gusta

This dog thinks you could have worked hard at relationships instead of your rhyme scheme.


Here's your tough love mister!


This Starfish has just been wandering around the house for hours saying "Well, I never!" And making a 'pfft' sound.


And this last one is for you guys!

Caption This:



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