5 Funny Videos About The Playstation 4

These comedy videos aren't backwards compatible with the PS3.

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

5 Funny Videos About The Playstation 4

The next generation of the Sony Playstation is here! Well, it's been announced, but we still don't know what it looks like. I'd say "who cares," and "shut up and take my money," but we also don't know how much it'll cost. It might cost a billion dollars! Who knows?! Here are 5 funny videos about the Playstation 4:

Leonard Nemoy Introduces The PS4

If that is actually a PS4, I might actually buy it. 

PS4 Announcement (Abridged Version)

I knew his face was too Unreal to be true. 

Sony PS4 Launch Event Falls Flat

It's official: Everyone hates the Vita!

Hitler Reacts To The Playstation 4 Announcement

Hitler's gonna slam the PS4 in the Kotaku comments.

PS4 Console Revealed!

It's… beautiful. 

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