Best Baseball Stadium Promotions & Giveaways 2013

Grab your map and plan a road trip to these awesome MLB promotions

B. Redd Reddochby B. Redd Reddoch

Almost every team has announced their promotion schedules for 2013 and put individual tickets on sale.There are the usual bobbleheads, replica jerseys, hats, and rally towels. There are some interesting twists on these clasiscs. The Twins are giving away a cowboy hat (kind of cool). The A’s are giving away a picnic blanket (useful). The Royals are giving away ketchup, mustard and relish bobbleheads (weird).

Some of the most interesting trends are career days; the Braves, Royals and Detroit are all hosting one. Gnomes are big again. And fedora hats are plentiful, especially around Father’s Day.

For the sew crews, there are “Stitch N’ Pitch” in Seattle, Milwaukee and Arizona. You are encouraged to bring your needlework to the ballpark!

However, here is my cream al a cream of the best of the best awesomest of the awesomesauce promotions and giveaways for 2013. Circle your calendars now!

Moore Cowbell – Rays – 8/24World Series: Philadelphia Phillies v Tampa Bay Rays, Game 2
This might be the best use of a player’s name ever.

Mullet Night & Fireworks – White Sox – 6/28
I don’t know what is happening, but I have tears of joy.

Rays Flower Pot – Rays – 5/12
It may not be the coolest thing, but I love the creative branding.

Class Outside: Math Day – Tigers – 4/9
The Tigers are holding a class that will look at the mathematics behind baseball. It is such a wonderful community reachout. I hope other teams pick up on it. Besides “Math Day”, they will have a “Weather”, “History”, and “Space” day as well.These are less about baseball but are still worthy.

Football – Rangers – 9/1
No matter how good the Rangers get, football will always rule the state of Texas. Good effort, guys.

Beard Hat Night – Mariners – 4/26beard hat
It’s a hat. It’s a beard. It’s both.

Wine Fest – Padres – 8/16
The Padres fans are notoriously low key so it seems appropriate to have a whole wine festival at a game.

Whiffle Ball Set – Phillies – 4/17
Talk about tempting gods of punchlines.

Apple Clock/Teacher Appreciation Night – Mets – 7/1
A great combination of the “Big Apple” brand with Teacher Appreciation Night.

Cap Trade – Mets – 5/27 & 28
Get rid of your old stinky Mets hat for a brand shiny new one. Seems appropriate for a rebuilding team.

Stan Musial Harmonica – Cardinals – 4/12musial_harmonica
This is such an usual gift. I want to be in the stands for the sound of thousands of harmonicas blasting in unison.

Darwin Barney Gold Glove – Cubs – 4/13
When you don’t have much to celebrate, you need to focus on the little things. What better way then to honor the amazing glove skills of good-guy Darwin Barney. They also have a Barney bobblehead on 6/1.

Toiletry Bag – Cubs – 8/16
Ummm. Ummm. Oh, wow. No joke I can offer will get past the censors.

Magic Johnson T-Shirt – Dodgers – 5/28
Can you imagine Steinbrenner pulling this move? While the rest of country can laugh, the Laker loving LA fans will love it. A bobblehead night is planned for 9/12.

Hello Kitty Fleece – Dodgers – 4/17hellokitty_blanket
No joke, one of the hottest tickets in La La Land is the Hello Kitty nights (bobblehead on 9/19).

Bald Eagle Flight – Reds – Friday nights in May – July
Show up for the National Anthem and you get to watch a bald eagle fly around. Go America!

Dragon Con – Braves – 8/29
Dragon Con is like the more famous Comic Con but is still easy to get into. The Braves have partnered up and will host a parade of characters on game day. Get your geek on.

Star Wars Day – Giants – 9/8
Speaking of nerd activities, in San Francisco, you can dress up as your favorite Star Wars character and join hundreds of others. You get a TBD Star Wars item and there’ll be lots of activities. More importantly, there is a chance to see Darth Vadar try to catch a foul ball.

World Series Snow Globe – Giants – 4/9
A great souvenir to mark the World Series win.

Slumber Party – Giants – 7/10
Not only do you get to camp overnight in the outfield, but you get pizza, midnight snacks, and breakfast. Of course, you get to play catch and take photos, but the thought of dreaming about baseball while you sleep under the stars is worth the $200 ticket.

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