Fantasy Baseball Draft Prep: 3 ‘Old Guys’ You Want

Don't let age fool you with these older veterans who still have gas in the tank.

Josh Helmuthby Josh Helmuth

Some guys are like a fine aged wine; they worsen, gettng so bitter you wonder why in the hell you bought them in the first place.

We're not drinking the same wine?

Anywho, then there's these guys…

Some might yawn when you take these guys, but trust me, they're guaranteed to make a return on your investment. They truly do age like a real fine wine.

Paul Konerko, Chicago White SoxChicago White Sox v San Francisco Giants

Age: 36

Pauly! You're my boy! You're my boy blue! Just had to throw in an Old School reference…

I've loved Pauly for many years as he's been the centerpiece to my favorite team for years. But I'm being honest when I tell you I'm not being partial just because he's a south-sider.

Konerko was putting together an MVP-like season before injuring his wrist last year. His first half line was ridiculous as he posted a line of .329/14/42 before the All-Star break. Even after hurting his wrist, although his power dipped a little, he still managed to hit close to .300.

As pointed out by Matthew Berry, only two first basemen have had three straight seasons of at least 25 home runs, 75 RBIs and a .298 average: Miguel Cabrera and my boy, Paul Konerko.

If healthy, Konerko is a top 10 option. All signs point to a healthy 2013 as of right now. With an ADP of over 100, he's a lock for a return on investment.


Tim Hudson, Atlanta Bravestim hudson-braves-spring

Age: 37

The Braves All-Star always gets it done.

Although he's nearing 40 and he battled some injury last year, his 2012 season was great when he could take the mound.

His K/9 and BB/9 rates, along with his BABIP were consistent with his career numbers. Okay, his strikeout rate dropped a little bit, but that's not why you draft Hudson. He's never been a major K guy. Instead, he's a lock for a low ERA and WHIP, and with starting on a solid Braves team, he should get you 12-15 wins as well.

Hudson's ADP is lower than MC Hammer's credit score.


Ichiro Suzuki, New York Yankeesichiro suzuki-yankees-spring training

Age: 39

Will Ichiro ever slow down??

It looked like it before he was shipped to New York last year. His Seattle half of 2012 was miserable, but once he landed in the Bronx he turned his Spinal Tap switch up to 11, hitting .322 in 67 games with the Yanks.

Many fantasy experts, including Bill James, predict Ichiro stealing nearly 30 bases and hitting around .280 this year — meaning he's far from being done. He's also figured to score a ton of runs in what still should be a solid lineup. Let's also remember just how friendly Yankee Stadium is to hitters.

Ichiro's ADP is 192 across all sites as of this writing. He deserves to be taken 4-5 rounds earlier.

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