Full Frontal Sock: David Hoberman on 21 and Over, The Muppets and More

The producer debated whether to mention The Hangover in advertising materials, and gives updates on Warm Bodies 2, Jungle Cruise, and the new Muppet caper.

Fred Topelby Fred Topel

Are you also producing a Flight of the Navigator remake?

We’re writing a script for it, due to receive in a couple weeks. It all depends on how that comes in but it’s certainly something we and the studio are interested in doing.

What would the angle on that kind of time travel spaceship story be in 2013?

I would better off be able to let you know when we read it. We’re trying to do something that’s fairly faithful to the original.

Could we imagine it’s a kid from 2005 transported to now, the same timeframe?

Yeah, we’re going to definitely bring it up to a contemporary place.

Are you still doing a Jungle Cruise movie?

Not at the moment. We have no script and we’re not pursuing it at this moment.

Was there a time that was more active?

Yeah, it’s been active and inactive and active and inactive over the last five years or so, and it’s just going to be about somebody coming in and knocking our socks off with an approach that gives it a reason to be.

Were Tom Hanks and Tim Allen attached to it at one point?

At one point they were, yes, and the story that we ultimately had and the script we ultimately got didn’t merit moving forward with it.

So whatever it becomes, they’re not necessarily committed?

That is correct.

How about Here There Be Monsters?

What do you have, my whole slate there?

I did my homework.

Here There Be Monsters is something we’re still working on. It’s just a work in progress.

Is Bradley Cooper still attached?

No one is attached at this moment.

Speaking of doing my homework, among your past works I was wondering about producing Mr. Wrong. What was your experience in the era of the Ellen Degeneres romantic comedy?

Oh my God. [Laughs] I think Mr. Wrong, I could be wrong, no pun intended, I think it was the first movie I ever got involved with as a producer. As I remember, I think it was just assigned to me as something to go right into as a producer. So I don’t think I’d ever even produced a movie when that one came around.

It was right on the cusp of when Ellen was going to come out. Were there any hints that maybe it wasn’t the right time for her to do a traditional romantic comedy?

[Laughs] No, there wasn’t. You’re going back so far and my memory is so horrid anyway, I don’t remember even the timing of all that.

Well, George of the Jungle is the best Jay Ward adaptation so far and now they’re going back to doing them as animated movies. What were your memories of bringing that to live action?

I love that movie. I really love that movie. It was a blast working on. We really had so much fun. Brendan [Fraser] was great. It was just a really good experience from beginning to end. Jordan Kerner, who I had had a deal with here where I was running the studio, produced it with me. Sam Weisman who directed it, did one of the Ducks movies for us. We just had a blast and it turned out well and it did well and it was a great experience all around.

With everyone looking at properties and talking about reboots, has anyone talked about doing a new Mighty Ducks?


Is that something you’d think about?

Well, I’d think about anything. I don’t know that it would make sense for me and I did not produce it so I wouldn’t probably be a part of it anyway. 

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