The New Iron Man 3 Trailer is Here!

The new Iron Man 3 trailer has more Mandarin, more Don Cheadle, and more Iron Men than ever before.

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Iron Man 3 is finally coming to theaters and we've got the all-new trailer right here, courtesy of Yahoo! Movies. Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) is still in the process of growing up – decades behind the curve – and in Shane Black's new film, he appears to be taken down yet another peg by The Mandarin, played by Sir Ben Kingsley in a voice we can't quite pin down. Is it an accent? Is it a drawl? Is he sounding out his dialogue phonetically? What a weird character choice.

Iron Man 3 Gwyneth Paltrow Bra

In any case, the actual "plot" of Iron Man 3 remains unexamined, although we do know it's based on the Extremis comic book storyline, and that The Mandarin is a bad guy threatening America blah-blah-blah. Lots of conventional "trailer shots" here, including an obligatory image of Gwyneth Paltrow in a bra (classy, Marvel Studios… real classy), lots of posturing from the bad guy and explosions galore. The highlight seems to come at the end, when Tony Stark and James Rhodes (Don Cheadle) call out for backup, and instead of The Avengers showing up… 

Well, check it out for yourselves in the new Iron Man 3 trailer. You know you want to.

Iron Man 3 suits up on May 3 (USA), and April 24 (Australia) and April 26 (UK).