Timothy Bradley Jr. Talks Pacquiao, Next Fight

The WBO Welterweight Champion is geared up to defend his title and to get some respect.

James LeBeauby James LeBeau

Manny Pacquiao, Timothy Bradley

When Timothy Bradley Jr. scored a 12 round upset decision last June in Las Vegas against heavily favored Manny Pacquiao, he received more than just Pacquiao's title belt. With the shocking win, Bradley Jr. also became the center of a massive deluge of shock and disbelief. From the media to the people on the street, the majority feeling was that Pacquiao got robbed and that Bradley Jr. didn't deserve the win.

On Tuesday, Bradley Jr. fielded questions from USA TODAY Sports and it was clear that he harbors a fair amount of animosity over how he has been treated by skeptics and critics alike.
"I didn't get any credit after the Pacquiao fight whatsoever,'' Bradley said. "People talked about me and my style, how boring (it is). Some people talked about my wife, talked about my kids. I've had some people send me death threats because I won. I had a lot of people say I should give the belt back.''
Whether he deserved the win or not is an argument for another day but one thing is clear, the man gave his all in that fight. Bradley had to attend the post-fight interview in a wheel chair because he badly injured an ankle and both feet during the fight. Those injuries have kept him from defending his title but that changes on March 16 when Bradley (29-0, 12 KO's) faces Russian contender Rusian Provodnikov (22-1, 15 KO's) of Siberia.
This is what Bradley had to say of Provodnikov during a media session back on February 27.
"He's gonna make a lot of mistakes, and I'm gonna make him pay for it. Working the body is always part of my game plan. He says he's gonna bring the fight to me all night, but once he feels my power, once he feels how strong I am on the inside, once he sees how smart I am from the outside, he's not gonna rush in there, I guarantee you. He's gonna move forward, but I tell you, there's gonna be a point in the fight where I move forward, I'm gonna push him back. Because he's not gonna be as strong as me and he's not gonna be able to out-think me."
"Home Depot is the place where it's going down. If you're gonna miss this fight, I'm telling you, don't miss it. This guy is a cocky little fella. He thinks he can win, he thinks he can beat me, he thinks he's gonna maul me, it's not gonna happen. I'm letting you know right now it's not gonna happen. He's gonna end up on his back, on the canvas, March 16th, I guarantee you. Come out and see me."
The scheduled 12-rounder will be televised by HBO from The Home Depot Center in Carson, Calif.
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