Erik Spoelstra Dating Former Heat Dancer

See pictures of the Miami Heat coach's bombshell girlfriend.

Josh Helmuthby Josh Helmuth

Miami Heat head coach Erik Spoelstra has apparently nailed him down an incredible hottie — and everyone has taken notice.

The Miami Herald reported Spoelstra's new girlfriend as follows:

Miami Heat Head Coach Erik Spoelstra finally brought out his significant other in public Saturday night.

The notoriously private boyish 42-year-old stunned observers by stepping onto the red carpet of Heat broadcasters Eric Reid and Tony Fiorentino‘s yearly fundraiser with a beautiful, and much younger, brunette.

The lady’s name is Nikki Sapp, and she started dancing at Heat games in 2006 — just after turning 18.

The now 24-year-old Miami native shares time between Los Angeles and Miami because she’s a director at the famous Guy Hepner art gallery in West Hollywood, Calif., according to her website.

Miami Heat Host

Sapp, who you see above in the middle, is impressive. Why?

Here is her bio posted on her website:

Nikki Sapp is a Miami native who is passionate about the arts on various levels. With a strong background in art, dance, and design, Ms. Sapp has immersed herself in the Los Angeles and Miami art communitites as the director of Guy Hepner Contemporary Art Gallery.

After producing her own fashion show in 2005, Ms. Sapp was awarded a full scholarship to Miami International University of Art and Design where she studied fashion design.  She then furthered her education at Florida International University, where she graduated Magna Cum Laude with her BA in Art History.

During that time, Ms. Sapp danced professionally for the NBA's Miami HEAT Dancers, and taught dance to children ages 5-18 at Just Dance It! dance studios.

An advocate of giving back to the community, Ms. Sapp associates herself with several philanthropic organizations in order to raise funds and awareness.

Nikki presently resides in Miami, FL, and has opened Guy Hepner's newest art gallery location in Bal Harbour. With a focus on blue chip Pop Art, elite Contemporary/High Fashion Photography, and  Urban Street Art, Ms. Sapp also appears as a guest writer in the American Contemporary Art Magazine, West Hollywood.

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Nice catch Erik. Talk about a guy living on top right now; off an NBA championship, and is dating a former Heat dancer — and we all know Miami has the hottest dancers. They're called the 'Heat' for a reason.

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Is Sapp the next Katharine Webb?

Wouldn't shock me.

nikki sapp

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