ESPN Allegedly Suspends Bill Simmons From Twitter

See why the ESPN golden boy is being punished.

Josh Helmuthby Josh Helmuth

According to Deadspin, Bill Simmons has been suspended from Twitter for three days at the hands of his employer ESPN. Why? For sending out negative tweets about ESPN's First Take debacle last week that involved Richard Sherman and Skip Bayless.

ESPN has declined to comment. However, Deadspin has reported that the network stripped Simmons of his Twitter for three days as punishment for violating social media guidelines. Simmons will supposedly be allowed to start Tweeting again Friday.

The whole move sucks. Simmons is an incredibly popular personality and an even more gifted writer — and he makes sense. If you've seen the Sherman/Bayless mess, the whole thing really is a joke. I can't fathom watching more than five seconds of the show myself. However, if you have two million followers — as Simmons does — and you attempt to persuade your audience to stop watching the show completely — a show that's on your network — there are going to be repercussions.

Simmons called the segment "awful" and "embarrassing."

bill simmons twitter

Bill Simmons Twitter 2

Simmons was suspended back in 2009 as well for being critical of a Boston radio affiliate.

I support Simmons 100 percent on this move, and in light of everything, at least this seems like a slap on the wrist. ESPN has been notorious for not renewing contracts with stars because of circumstances outside of their control (cough — Erin Andrews). And we still haven't heard from Rob Parker in awhile, have we? Okay, maybe Parker deserved to go…

For now, keep up the good work mister 'Sports Guy.'

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