First Look: Wonder Woman #19

The New Gods are coming, but they're not going to be like the Old New Gods. They will be New, you see.

Andy Hunsakerby Andy Hunsaker

Making the rounds on nerd sites have been these early preview pages for Wonder Woman #19, kicking off a story arc that’s going to bring The New Gods, Jack Kirby’s classic characters, into the New 52. We’ve already seen Orion, and more are on the horizon. Of course, it’s the New 52, so The New Gods won’t be the same as The Old New Gods.

“The New Gods thing has been a part of our plan since before we started Wonder Woman,” writer Brian Azzarello told IGN. “We knew we where going to introduce Orion at the end of the first year and then slowly bring in more of the New Gods mythos in the second year, along with more of her family. Everything right now is going according to plan and the stuff that we have planned, as far as the New Gods and New Genesis, it will be different than what you have seen before. This is not to say that we are showing any sort of disrespect for Kirby, because we are not. It’s kind of looking at this from a different perspective.”

Also, when Comicvine asked about Wonder Woman’s contentious relationship with Orion, Azzarello teased out something curious. “Don’t miss issue #19! I think that…well, something is going to happen…I don’t think Superman would approve.”

Check out this first look at Cliff Chaing art from Wonder Woman #19.


Wonder Woman #19


Wonder Woman #19 Inks Page 8


Wonder Woman #19 Inks Page 10


Wonder Woman #19 Pencils Page 14