‘Infinite’ Reasons to Spend $200 Million?

Most Craved: The game isn't even in release yet but 'Bioshock Infinite' may already be making history!

Michael Langleyby Michael Langley


If you believe the Hollywood press, The Avengers was built with a $220 million dollar budget. Well stand aside movie studios, BioShock Infinite from Irrational Games might cost a staggering $200 million!

The days of 64-bit budgets are clearly behind us. But this news from Crave's gaming site Destructoid has more than a few jaws hitting the old pavement. 

Around $100M was spent on Infinite's production and as much as another $100 will be spent on marketing. Remember when we were all gobsmacked that Gears of War cost $10 million?

There is a general expectation that games will become a cinematic experience that could suplant traditional viewing of TV and movies for sheer immersion experience, but this news is hard to swallow for even the most forward-looking gamer.

What do you think? Is the expense justified?


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