USA vs. Mexico Soccer: Danger In Stands

Video footage that shows American fans being taunted and showered with beer, all because of a tie with Mexico.

Josh Helmuthby Josh Helmuth

Team USA had a huge victory –er, tie — well, it sure felt like a victory, in their 0-0 result against Mexico in the World Cup Quailifying matchup in Mexico City Tuesday. About 500 American fans made the trip down to catch the game. Unfortunately, those fans had to be penned into an upper tier by riot police to keep them safe from rowdy locals. Looks like it was a scary situation.

Remember, this is from a qualifying match — not even a World Cup game.

At least one fan was injured by the Mexican missiles according to some reports.

Here is the description: "A shot of the USMNT fans as we prepared to leave Azteca Stadium for the USA vs. Mexico World Cup Qualifier on March 26th, 2013. The Mexican fans were not too happy with the result and started their beer attack."

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