Hotline Miami Sequel in the Works

The game will explore the “touchy-feely” aspects of the early ‘90s.

Erik Norrisby Erik Norris


Dennaton Games, the makers of the hit PC game Hotline Miami, are hard at work on a sequel to the title. Joystiq caught up with Dennaton Games’ Jonatan Söderstöm and Dennis Wedin at GDC to talk about the game, where they revealed it would be set in the early ‘90s and feature a new main character.

The Hotline Miami sequel is planned primarily for PC, but a Vita port is in the cards, too. The original Hotline Miami is currently being ported over to PlayStation 3 and PS Vita by developer Abstraction, and they will also be handling the porting of Hotline Miami 2 (working title) to Vita, which could ship day and date with the PC version. It seems Dennaton and Abstraction are working hand in hand on the follow-up.

Soderstrom and Wedin mention that Hotline Miami 2 will be the final game in the series, calling it “the grand finale.”

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