Rick Pitino Talks Kevin Ware, Injury, Immediately Following Duke Win

The Louisville coach gives an interview regarding Ware's injury that is all inspiring, astonishing and crazy as **** all at the same time.

Josh Helmuthby Josh Helmuth

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Big props to CBS' Tracy Wolfson, who seemingly asked all the right questions with Louisville head coach Rick Pitino following his team's Regional Final win over Duke Sunday night.

Louisville guard Kevin Ware suffered arguably the most traumatic injury ever seen on a nationally televised basketball game when he broke his leg contesting a three-pointer.

Here is the interview that ensued with Pitino following the win before he joined his team to cut down the nets — although they were heading to the Final Four, all minds were still on Ware.

Wolfson: How much is Kevin ware on your mind right now?

"Well  we won this for him. We’re all um, choked up in emotion for him. We’ll get him back to normal, we have great doctors great trainers…but we’re choked up…we wanted to get back to Atlanta. We talked about every timeout – bring Kevin home. Unbelievable performance. So proud of the guys"

Wolfson: Have you gotten a report on him?

"Basically the bone popped out of the skin. It broke in two spots. It will take a year to come back. He’ll come back better than ever. It’s the same injury Michael Bush had in football. Look at the way he’s come back."

Wolfson: Well you’re on to Atlanta, which you mentioned to your team, it’s Kevin Ware’s home – how important will it be to get that victory for him?

"All he kept saying – and remember the bone is six inches out of his leg — and all he’s yelling is ‘win the game, win the game.' I’ve never seen that in my life.  We’re all distraught and all he’s saying is ‘win the game’ while the bone is out of his leg – pretty special young man."

Wolfson: How about for these players to win it under these circumstances?

"No question. They’re a gritty bunch. From the beginning of the year to now, we haven't had a bad game. Really proud of these guys."

In case you haven't seen the injury, you can see the footage and read about it more here. Watch it with extreme caution, as it is very graphic.

Unfortunately I feel a year is being optimistic for a return. I hope and pray for Ward and his family that he makes it back within a year. But ask Alabama's Tyrone Prothro (who never made it back to football) or Seattle's Kendrys Morales (who was out more than two years) how tough it is to come back from a similar injury. It's not easy.

No doubt this injury will only push Louisville to rally even more towards a championship. Being the only No. 1 seed to make the Final Four, the odds are in their favor more than ever. How fitting it would be to bring back the championship trophy to Ware's hospital bed?

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