8 Parodies Of “How Animals Eat Their Food”

The viral sensation is gobbled up and spewed out in YouTube parodies.

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden


When we last saw Mister Epic Mann, he scored several million views with his comedy sketch How Animals Eat Their Food. One week later, he’s now closing in on 50 million views, and this beast is evolving, taking on a life of its own with spin-off videos. Here are 8 parodies of How Animals Eat Their Food:


How Animals Eat Their Food (Original)

The educational film that started a sensation.


How Humans Eat Their Food

Animals finally turn the tables on us humans. Next, we’ll be doing tricks in their water parks.


How Pokemon Eat Their Food

Gotta eat it all (or else no dessert).


How Other Animals Eat Their Food

It’s mostly about how animals destroy tables.


How Animals Jump

What I like about this version is that it’s scientifically accurate.


How Celebrities Eat Their Food

Ronald McDonald prefers KFC.


How Baby Animals Eat Their Food

Kids imitate the darndest things.


Evolution Of How Humans Eat

It sure takes that dude a long time to read that children’s book.


How German Animals Eat Their Food

…aaaaaaaand we’re done here.


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