Lawrence Taylor’s Draft Day: 41 Coors Lights

Was the Hall-of-Famer wasted when he was drafted by the Giants over 30 years ago?

Josh Helmuthby Josh Helmuth

lawrence taylor-41 beers

Lawrence Taylor is a pro football Hall-of-Famer and considered one of the greatest linebackers in history. He was literally a bullet on the field, charging into anyone who held the pig-skin with great violence. He also liked to knock down a few silver bullets as well, according to his latest interview.

When asked about his "draft day memories," the Hall-of-Famer claims he doesn't remember a lick because he had 41 Coors Lights.

In preparation for Thursday night's NFL Draft, Taylor was asked on the carpet by S.I about his draft day in 1981 in which he was selected second overall. L.T's response? He doesn't remember because he had 41 Coors Lights.

41? 41???

Forget how many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie pop. We now know how many cans of beer it takes to make a 230 pound NFL linebacker unconscious.

I'm from Amishland-USA. And let me tell ya, those kids on rumspringa can knock them down better than anyone. But 41 is impressive for anyone. Just don't tell me about the bathroom break that follows.

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