Get Your Nuts Here! Umpire Hit By Pitch Down There in Angels-Rangers Game

Most Craved: A cup! (Said every man in America.)

Michael Langleyby Michael Langley


It's one of the oldest sight gags in human history: a man taking a shot to the groin. We don't know why it's funny.  It registers on some sort of tribal memory that has stuck with us through evolution.

That said, we're sure Major League Baseball (MLB) umpire John Hirschbeck wasn't thinking about the the history of humor when a ball deflected off the tip of A.J. Pierzynski's bat, missed the glove of catcher Chris Iannetta and struck squarely in Hirschbeck's man region Wednesday night as the Los Angeles Angels faced the Texas Rangers.

Crave's NESN website got the video of the ump toppling over after taking a baseball to the groin. Fortunately Hirschbeck, eventually, rose to call the rest of the game and was none the worse for wear. 


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