The Road Rash Sequel You’ve Always Wanted

Take. Our. Money.

Erik Norrisby Erik Norris

There hasn’t been a new entry in the Road Rash series in over a decade. Many gamers grew up on the franchise, so to see it all but disappear is a major letdown. Especially in an industry where the word “sequel” makes publishers’ ears perk up at the speed of light.  

But one small group of indie developers with experience that touches all over the video game industry is looking to bring back the Road Rash genre with a spiritual sequel to the franchise called Road Redemption. Even Road Rash's original creator Dan Geisler approves of this game, following a call for a Road Rash sequel not too long ago

Here’s but a taste of the project:

How rad does that look?!

The development team, DarkSeas Games, is currently trying to get Road Redemption kickstarted, which you can still pledge to if you feel so inclined. The dev team is targeting a July 2014 release for Wii U, PC, Mac and Linux, for starters. Road Redemption is also part of Steam’s Greenlight program, which is another way to generate interest and backing for the project.

Road Redemption will feature single and multiplayer modes. It will be created with the core gamer in mind, meaning it’s not going to be easy, hearkening back to the olden days of gaming when a sense of satisfaction overcame the player when he/she finally beat that level that has been kicking their ass. DarkSeas also makes a point to say Road Redemption will be microtransaction free.

I think I speak for everyone when I say this look awesome, but then again I’m one of the many that grew up on Road Rash. So a sequel, even if it’s just of the spiritual variety, sounds incredible to me.

What say you?

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