The B-Movies Podcast #117: Jeeves & Rooster

Bibbs and Witney look back at 1980s movie montage music and review Pain & Gain, The Big Wedding, Mud and Arthur Newman.

B-Movies Jeeves and Rooster

Find out which of your hosts is "the buff one" on The B-Movies Podcast this week, because we're about to drop and give you twenty. Your hosts William "Bibbs" Bibbiani and Professor Witney Seibold are doing pushups, debating 1980s montage music and reviewing the week's latest movie releases: Pain & GainThe Big WeddingMud and Arthur Newman. Plus, all the latest movie news and whatnot… Expendables 3 gets a new director, Aardman Animation announces their next film, Joss Whedon promises brother/sister action in The Avengers 2 and more, more, more!

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