TNT Greenlights Howard Gordon & Sean Bean’s ‘Legends’

The cable network bets on action for 2014.

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell


Yesterday, TNT added the Michael Bay produced post-apocalypse series “The Last Ship” to its 2014 lineup. And today, TNT added another action oriented series.

TNT has officially ordered “Legends” to series, based upon the novel of the same name by Robert Littell, which was adapted for television by Howard Gordon (“Homeland”), Jeffrey Nachmanoff and Mark Bomback. The first season of “Legends” will consist of ten episodes.

Brendan Fraser was originally slated to be the lead of “Legends,” but when he pulled out of the project, Sean Bean (“Game of Thrones”) stepped in as the lead character, Martin Odum, an operative of the FBI’s Deep Cover Operations division who has the unique ability to completely transform his persona for every mission.

Steve Harris co-stars as DCO Director Nelson Gates; with Ali Larter as DCO operative Crystal Quest; Tina Majorino as the newest member of the team, Maggie Harris;  Rob Mayes as former Special Ops agent Troy Quinn with Amber Valletta as Martin’s ex-wife, Sonya and Lux Haney Jardine as their son, Aiden.

In a brief statement, TNT’s Head of Programming Michael Wright said “‘Legends’ has everything you want in a good spy drama: intriguing characters, multi-layered plots, a terrific cast and lots of action and suspense.”

“Legends” and “The Last Ship” are expected to be paired with “Falling Skies” on Sunday nights, but TNT has yet to announce a firm 2014 premiere date for either of the new series.