HAWAII FIVE-0 3.23 ‘He Welo ‘Oihana’ (‘Family Business’)

McGarrett and Mom get their "Mission Impossible" on to keep her CIA secrets safe.

Hilary Rothingby Hilary Rothing

Hawaii Five 0 323

Episode Title: "He Welo 'Oihana" ("Family Business")

Writer: Eric Guggenheim

Director: Larry Teng

Previously on "Hawaii Five-0:"

Episode 3.22 "Ho 'opio" ("To Take Captive")


It’s "Mission Impossible with Mommy" as McGarrett (Alex O'Loughlin) helps Momma McG (Christine Lahti) retrieve a microfiche with sensitive information. Meanwhile, Kono (Grace Park) learns why cops should never date yakuza and Danno’s (Scott Caan) love life takes another hit when Gabby leaves him hanging at the airport.

Despite his mile-high blonde pompadour and colorful personality, Danny just can’t get a break when it comes to love. This time, it’s Gabby who’s decided to take a fellowship overseas rather come home to Danno. As rough as things might be for Danny, at least his relationship woes don’t involve a Japanese organized crime syndicate.

When 5-0 finds a number of dead bodies linked to the yakuza at a crime scene, their attention turns to Adam’s brother, Michael. Kono visits with Adam (Ian Anthony Dale) and brings up his visit with yakuza crime lord, Sato in Japan. Adam explains that he’s trying to cut ties with the yakuza by hanging out with them. Kono doesn’t get it and neither do I. Anyway, it’s complicated, Adam tells her. Kono then brings up the body dumping grounds and Adam swears he knows nothing about it. Then as soon as she leaves, he calls someone to tell them 5-0 just came by. Kono hears the whole thing because she cloned Adam’s phone. Remember guys, trust is the most important part of any healthy relationship.

While Kono’s all up in Adam’s yakuza business, McGarrett is over at his mom’s place where she’s planning a covert op with her two pals from the "shady government operatives retirees association," Wade (David Keith) and Mick (Treat Williams). Momma McG’s wanted by the FBI for hacking into a national database using Starbucks wifi and now she’s planning on breaking into a highly secure office building with her pals to steal back the microfiche from a corrupt former CIA official named Tyler Cain. McG doesn’t want her going in alone and insists on accompanying her.

Kono gets a location on the number Adam called and heads to a warehouse. After breaking in, she finds barrels filled with dead bodies, presumably dug up from the dumping grounds. Two men enter the warehouse and Kono tries to make an arrest, but they fire at her and run. She shoots one of them but takes a hit herself.

At the hospital, Kono recovers and gets a visit form Adam. He confesses to calling someone after she left, but only to protect her. How telling your yakuza buddies that your cop girlfriend is about to bust them is protecting her is a mystery to me; but Kono buys it. In fact, she tells Adam she has something to ’fess up to as well before she’s taken away for a CT scan. While she’s gone, Adam’s phone rings and so does the cloned phone in Kono’s bag. Adam sees it and doesn’t look happy.

Meanwhile, McGarrett and his mom are in the midst of breaking into Cain’s office while Mick hacks the security system and Wade circles the building in his chopper. They succeed in getting the microfiche, but an alarm is triggered. Cain (Hey it's "Coach," Craig T. Nelson) returns to the building and security catches Momma McG. Cain gets on the horn and tells McGarrett to come back with the microfiche or mom is a dead woman. Cain finds McGarrett waiting for him in his office with a flaming trashcan on his desk. After some failed negotiations, McG throws the microfiche containing all Cain’s dirty laundry in the flaming can and tells him to release mom or else people will be looking for them. Cain gives in and Momma McG and son make a quick exit. Mom is bummed about the microfiche, but McG shows it to her, having pulled a fast one on Cain.

The "Mommy and Me" covert op with McGarrett and his mother really makes this episode. "H50" has been a little light on action lately but there’s plenty of it here. Even Doris gets to show her chops, taking down an armed security guard. And it’s great to see old "5-0" friends Mick and Wade back in action.

As for Kono, we knew from the start her relationship with Adam was probably doomed, but now it looks like Kono could go down along with her yakuza boyfriend after Max found a bullet from her gun in one of the bodies from the dumpsite. Adam is either the most clueless yakuza ever or a really, really bad guy considering everything he’s said to Kono. Unfortunately for her, it’s probably the latter.