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Great ways to save money on your next vacay.

Jennifer Coxby Jennifer Cox

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A number of press releases came in this week on some travel deals that I just had to share with my readers.

First up:  Princess Cruises is launching a balcony bonus sale with free upgrades to balcony staterooms. Starting this week, Princess Cruises' passengers can treat themselves to one of the ultimate cruise luxuries – the private balcony – with a free upgrade during the company’s Balcony Bonus Sale. Throughout the May 14-20 sale, balcony staterooms on select cruise vacations are offered at the same sale prices as oceanview staterooms, giving travelers the opportunity to enjoy these favorite accommodations. More than 100 cruise departures are featured in the sale, including voyages to some of the most popular cruise destinations, including Hawaii, the Panama Canal, the Caribbean, Canada & New England, Mexico and the California coast.

In addition to special fares, passengers booking balcony staterooms or above will receive an onboard credit of $100 (for sailings 10 days or longer), $50 (cruises from seven to nine days), or $30 (cruises from one to six days); and those booking interior or oceanview staterooms can get credits of $50 (cruises 10 days or longer), $25 (cruises from seven to nine days) or $15 (cruises from one to six days). Visit their website for more info.

Next, a new travel site, GetGoing, offers a unique approach to finding the best airfare prices. The new online travel site, GetGoing, offers travelers a way to lock in deep discounts on airfare. With their innovative Pick Two, Get One search tool, travelers can save up to 40% off flights by planning two perfect trips and letting GetGoing chose the final destination from the two. By being a bit adventurous, travelers can lock in huge discounts (not even found on Kayak!). For those travelers looking to book a specific place, they can try FlightFinder, a search tool that allows travelers to search for a specific destination (Maui), Region (Mediterranean) or experience (‘beach’, ‘scuba’, etc) and GetGoing will uncover the most affordable flight options for those areas, plus suggesting cheaper alternatives that offer the same experience for places they may not have thought of. Here's the website.

Finally, as Memorial Day nears and families kick off vacation season, a list of Sam’s Club must-have and unique items are practical items you never knew you needed but could come in handy! Approximately 88% of American families are planning to travel by car for their vacation, and according to a recent AAA report, gas prices should drop by mid-summer when refineries ramp up gasoline production in anticipation of the summer driving. Sam’s Club membership can offer value all year long but especially during summer travel and entertaining season when it comes to gas and tire savings to gear up for that road trip! Sam’s Club Members can save as much as five cents per gallon of gas at club fuel stations and from now until July 7, Sam’s Club members can save $70 on a set of four new Michelin tires!

Here are 10 things under $100 you didn’t know you needed for your summer vacation:

Griffin Survivor Case for iPad with Stand – $49.98 (protect your iPad wherever life takes you)

Teak Roll-up Table – $69.98 (the ultimate and instant beach accessory)

Honey-Can-Do Vacuum Packs – $13.86 (now there’s room for that extra pair of shoes)

Samsonite Electronic Luggage Scale – $13.22 (skip the baggage fees before you get to the airport)

Float-A-Bout Drink Cooler – $58.88 (enough room to float the entire party’s favorite drinks)

CROC Baby Travel Flat-Iron Bundle – $19.81 (bad hair days beware, compact enough to pack one in your purse and leave one in the car)

Chill Pill Red Portable Speakers – $28.66 (rock out to your tunes out loud and on the go)

Power Tube Portable Charger – $28.86 (small enough to slip into a pocket or purse)

Mini First Aid Kit – 33 pc. – $7.86 (everything you need, nothing you don’t)

Cesar Millan Folding Pet Travel Bed – $42.88 (now Fido’s comfortable wherever you go)

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