10 Star Trek Crossovers We’d Like To See

We've seen crossovers with "Doctor Who" and the X-Men already. Here are more cool comic ideas!

Iann Robinsonby Iann Robinson


The time of nerds is at hand. Well, to be honest, it’s been at hand for a while. Seriously, the last decade has seen an upswing of comic book and sci-fi movies that have brought what was once hidden in basements to the forefront of pop culture. As a young lad who was not much for outside life, I spent many Sundays with the following line up. Star Trek and Doctor Who followed by kung-fu movies all afternoon. It was a splendid affair, though I was more partial to Doctor Who and kung-fu than Star Trek. I enjoyed the show, but I was far from a Trekkie.

Years later, and several series after the original, director J.J. Abrams reinvented the Star Trek franchise by creating a separate timeline that allowed for new Enterprise adventures without insulting the old canon. This week, Abrams returns with the sequel, Star Trek Into Darkness. While these new adventures are exciting, we here at Crave Online have decided there are some crossover adventures that should be explored and could only happen in comics. The USS Enterprise has already come in contact with the X-Men and Doctor Who, but so much more is waiting for them. Beam aboard won’t you, and join me for 10 Star Trek Crossover Comics We’d Love To Read.



There you have it. Ten awesome Star Trek crossovers that I’m sure we’d all like to read. Until somebody hands me a few bucks to write these ideas into story arcs, we’ll all have to make do seeing Into Darkness.