Everything We Know About the Xbox 720 (So Far)

The big reveal is only a few days away, so get caught up on everything we think we know about Microsoft’s next console.

Erik Norrisby Erik Norris

We are days away from finally seeing what Microsoft’s next-generation video game console is capable of. The official reveal is taking place on May 21 at 10am PST, and you won’t be able to escape the news even if you tried.

But before we find out what’s actually going on within Microsoft, why don’t we discuss what we think we know about Microsoft’s Xbox 720 (Next Xbox, Xbox Infinity, whatever…).

Our close friends over at Game Revolution have put together a fantastic article that runs down pretty much everything we know to date about the new system. The article covers always-on internet connectivity, backwards compatibility, pricing, probable release window, and, yes, the future of Kinect (yippee!).

So head on over to Game Revolution to get your read on. And get ready for the future of Xbox revealed.

We’ll be covering the news that comes out of the May 21st event, including hosting a live stream so you can watch it all right here at CraveOnline. Then, we’ll be posting our thoughts on how Microsoft handled the big reveal shortly thereafter.

Lastly, here’s what Microsoft could have learned from Sony’s PS4 reveal: