Surgeries Keep Piling Up For Rob Gronkowski

The Patriots star tight end may need to go under the knife yet again on top of his fourth arm surgery.

James LeBeauby James LeBeau

If there's one thing you don't want to see out of your potential starting tight end next season, it's that he's continuously experiencing injury issues. Fantasy owners in keeper leagues or in multi-year salary cap leagues who have New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski can tell you first hand what a headache this can be.

And it's one issue that is seemingly getting worse as the newest news on 'Gronk' has him possibly needing back surgery on top of his arm surgery.

According to a report from USA Today, Gronkowski's back is 'acting up' and might need surgery. The prolific tight end underwent an MRI recently for a disc issue. According to the report, the injury is minor and is different than the back injury that caused Gronkowski to miss his 2009 season while in college at Arizona.

Following his next arm surgery, which was reported on Friday by NFL Network to be on May 20, Gronk will see noted spine specialist Dr. Robert Watkins. It's Gronkowski's thought that if surgery is needed on his back, that he can use the time healing from his arm surgery to also heal his back.

If all goes well, Gronkowski should be healed up enough to return to the field by the beginning of the season, though a fifth arm surgery could be needed if he develops an infection in it.

Overall, owners should still consider Gronkowski one of the first tight ends off the board based on his potential to deliver huge fantasy points. However, those same owners should also be prepared to use a semi-early pick on another decent quality tight end to back up Gronk in case either he isn't quite ready at the beginning of the season or he suffers yet another injury.

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