8 Highlights From YouTube’s Big Live Comedy Show

Sarah Silverman, Tim & Eric, and many more celebrate the (really) small screen!

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

YouTube declared this Comedy Week, and to kick-off the release of many new funny videos on the site, they produced a live comedy show in Los Angeles featuring hilarious comedians and internet stars! It was a night of cats, Skrillex and stabbings – a pretty normal evening by internet standards. Here are 8 highlights from YouTube’s Big Live Comedy Show:


Sarah Silverman And Seth Rogan Defy The FBI

Need a funny opening? Let Sarah take a stab at it.


The Lonely Island Performs “Spring Break” / “I’m On A Boat”

I guess Spring Break has changed since I was watching them on MTV?


YouTube Cute-Off: Lil’ Bub Vs. Jack McBrayer f/ Workaholics Cast

That cat was adorable on 30 Rock. Wait… No, yeah, that’s right.


Epic Rap Battles Of History Live: Mozart Vs. Skrillex

Let the cameo drop!


Tim & Eric Promote Red Lobster

Surf and Turf! Surf and Turf!


The Key Of Awesome – “Mumford Band”

When your mustache is so big you can play it, that means you’ve grown it right.


Rhett & Link’s YouTube Challenge Challenge

Coming soon to the Olympics.


Hannibal Buress Stand-Up And “Gibberish Rap” With Ryan Philippe And Skrillex

I hope this won’t be the last time all these folks work together, and I’m including the ballerinas and mascot guys.


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