Watch Rocket Powered Bicycle Hit 163 MPG

A new world land speed record that would make Clark Griswold on a saucer sled jealous.

Josh Helmuthby Josh Helmuth

rocket powered bike

Want to see something really extreme? Forget X Games. Gissy is no sissy.

Below is a video of François Gissy, a French bicyclist; and he takes cycling to a whole new level. He decided to attach an actual rocket to the back of his bike. The result are speeds up to 163 MPH and passing a moving car as if it's standing still — and oh yea, an initial cloud of smoke and dust that would make NASA sweat a little.

According to French news DNA, this demo sets a new world record.

Isn't there usually a Red Bull sponsorship for something like this? With a name like Gissy, I would say a sponsorship should arrive at his doorstep soon.

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