Froch vs. Kessler Fight Preview

Which boxer has the upper hand going into Saturday's showdown? Zachary Hutton breaks down the super middleweight title fight.

Zachary Huttonby Zachary Hutton

Carl Froch and Mikkel Kessler have some history. When they first faced one another in 2010, both men were looking to solidify themselves amongst the best super middleweights in the world during Showtime's Super Six World Boxing Classic.

What we witnessed that night was nothing short of spectacular. Both had their moments over the course of the night but it was Kessler who got his hand raised via unanimous decision. However, most boxing fans and aficionados agreed that the fight — which took place in Kessler's home country of Denmark — was much closer than the scorecards actually had it.

Froch will be looking to even the score on his home turf in England this Saturday night. Let's take a closer look at a rematch that is three years in the making.

Mikkel Kessler

After dismantling Brian Magee last December with a third round TKO, Kessler hasn't been shy about his desire to avenge the 2009 loss to super middleweight kingpin Andre Ward. In order for that to happen he would have to beat Froch in convincing fashion.

Kessler is a boxer/puncher with above average power and a solid jab. In his fight against Magee, Kessler went to the body much more than we've seen in the past. It would benefit him greatly to put some money in the bank early by attacking the body of the always in shape Froch.

Kessler will need to work angles as often as he can and look for his sharp right hand when they engage closely. It would be unwise for him to stand directly in front of his opponent all night. When he is on the outside he will look for perhaps his best attack – the one-two combination that was quite effective the first time both men met up.

Carl Froch

Known for his brawling before boxing mentality, Froch is currently the best Brit boxer on the planet. Armed with a granite chin and crushing power, his brutish style may not be the prettiest in the sport but you can be certain that it always makes for an entertaining fight.

Froch destroyed both Lucian Bute and Yusaf Mack with ease last year and is looking for sweet revenge against Kessler. Froch will need to lead with his effective jab in order to follow up and land big shots against his opponent. He has to throw more straight punches than looping ones when Kessler switches up his angles.

In recent years Froch has steadily improved as a boxer but make no mistake, he will look to turn this into a bar fight. If he smells blood early look for Froch to go in for the kill in the relentless fashion he displayed against Bute.

The Bottom Line

Both men have been tested by fantastic opposition before but when you look at each of their resumes it seems to us that Froch is the more battle tested of the two. Froch has displayed an impervious killer instinct of late and on Saturday we fully expect it to be on display as soon as the opening bell sounds.

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