Actor Hugh Dillon Discusses His Role On Continuum

Dillon also discusses his new album with The Headstones.

Jennifer Coxby Jennifer Cox

Hugh Dillon

Actor and musician Hugh Dillon has dabbled in a lot of things, his most recent projects being appearing in the hit shows "Continuum" and "The Killing" as well as cutting another album with his band The Headstones. He gave Crave readers a brief look into why he loved working on "Continuum" and what his band has been up to.

1- Tell us about your guest-starring role on "Continuum."
What can I say – it's been an incredible experience. I'm almost done and it's been great to could go to work with this incredible group of people and incredible writer playing this phenomenal role. It's a really great character, someone who is the master of the overview. The writing is exceptional and everyday that I go to to work I am blown away by the talent. They were great people to work with. It doesn't seem like work.

2- Do you like to do TV work?

I do like to do TV work when it's firing on all cylinders. When I walked onto this set – it's a hit show, the people are having fun but they're super focused – that's when I like it. You couldn't ask for more. When people are that inviting you can't help but want to bring your A-game.

3- Was it filmed in Canada?
In Vancouver.

4- You're from Kingston- do you still live in Canada?
I live in LA but I'm shooting "The Killing" for AMC in Vancouver as well, so I moved to Vancouver to do "The Killing," and while I was doing that they called me to shoot "Continuum." The schedules worked out so I moved here. I've shot some other stuff here before and I love Vancouver. I wrap them both up in the next couple of weeks.

5- Any other projects you're working on?
I just got a record deal with Frost Bite Universal Records and I have a record out with my band The Headstones. It came out last week and we had a number-one single for a couple weeks. It's available on iTunes.

Photo: Hugh Dillon