Cobra Amp Cell Irons Give Golfers a Tingle

What happens when you hand a set of new Cobra Amp Irons to casual golfers who rarely handle top shelp equipment?

John Scott Lewinskiby John Scott Lewinski


NASA might be envious of the technology that goes into the Cobra Amp Irons.

It’s fun to see the expression on a casual golfer’s face the first time they put down the used clubs they snagged at the local pro shop on the cheap and swing a set of new, 21st century, high-tech clubs like the Cobra Amp Cell Irons.

Veteran golfers – folks who are on courses two or three times a week – already know the difference between cheaper sticks and high end clubs. That’s why they’re willing to pay $500, $1,000 or more for their own fitted set. It’s more fun to find that weekend or seasonal player who might not get their white-gloved hand on high end gear very often.

Enter the Cobra Amp Cell Irons. The manufacturer was kind enough to send me a test set, and I made sure I passed on the fun after enjoying them myself.

According to Cobra’s own descriptions, Amp Cells are designed to distribute weight from the club face and club head body to create perimeter weighting and behind what golfers call the Sweet Zone. Anyone who’s ever swung a club frequently knows what’s sweet about that zone – since one good golf shot feels sweet enough to keep you playing for years.

The V-Skid Sole Design sculpted sole was set up to improve turf interaction for all swing types. While the Vibration Dampening System absorbs impact for a more comfortable sound and feel.

After picking up an Amp Cell, the player first feels the weight. The clubs might initially seem much heavier than most players’ previous sets. I requested steel shafts, stiff flex – so that adds a touch of heft over the graphite models. That club head weight is well balanced, however – creating a comforting, regulating centrifugal force during the backswing and guiding the club head smoothly while addressing the ball. That all important follow-through is easy and automatic as the club’s equilibrium keeps the momentum focused and stable.


After enjoying a round or two with the Amp Cells, I invited out a couple buddies of mine who fit the category of part-time players. I trotted them out to a public course in Los Angeles and insisted they hit a bucket with the Amp Cell Irons. There’s a puzzled mix of emotions on that weekend warrior’s face on the links or at the driving range when he or she takes those first few swings with the Amp Cells.

At first, it’s a pleasure just to feel the difference research, technology and engineering can make for a golf club. Then, there’s a concerned furrow of the brow when they realize that – if they really want to play the game of golf with any degree of ambition – they’re going to have to up their financial commitment and invest in refined equipment like the irons Cobra built.

At just north of $600 or so for a set of irons (GW, PW and 9-4 iron), The Cobra Amp Cell Irons fall in the midrange for consumer clubs, but they perform at a level worthy of a higher price tag.