10 Funny Videos About E3 2013

Couldn’t be at E3 2013? Watch Sony pwn Microsoft from home!

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

The video game industry is worth billions of dollars and incorporates state-of-the-art technology, but apparently it’s very hard to make audio play in a presentation. Also, if you want gamers to like you, a good way to do that is to not completely f*** them over on playing used games. Also, give them The Mega Man! Here are 10 funny videos about E3 2013:


Official Playstation Used Game Instructional Video

Too difficult.


Playstation At E3: The Abridged Version

Playstation has colors and shapes? That’s gonna be hard to top.


Battlefield 4 FAIL

It worked on their second assault.


Maddox – Things That Sucked About E3

Thanks for not beating the s*** out of me, Sony!


Crimson Dragon Fail

Man, it sure is hard to put sound in them there video games!


Xbox One At E3 – The Abridged Version

Misogyny at a video game conference? Now that’s innovation!


Microsoft E3 2013 Conference In A Nutshell

So… games?


Assassin’s Creed 4 Fail

This is why they need to make cartridges you can blow into.


Dunkey’s E3 2013 Recap

The Nintendo presentation… needs more Mario games.


Xbox One vs. PS4: Console War Rap

When you lose the E3 rap battle, you’ve lost the console war.


E3 2013: Inside the Heart of Gaming




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