Monsters University – Exclusive Cast Interviews

VIDEO: Billy Crystal, Nathan Fillion, Charlie Day, director Dan Scanlon and producer Kori Rae talk about monster faces, failure, and Pixar's first prequel.

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani

Finally, a family movie about failure. Only Pixar could have pulled it off, and thus, only Pixar has with Monsters University, a hilarious new college comedy about teenaged monster Mike Wazowski's dreams of becoming a "scarer" by attending the title academy. Monsters University is Pixar's first prequel, so if you've seen 2001's Monsters Inc., you already know that doesn't  happen. It's a great message about perseverance through hard times, and William Bibbiani from The B-Movies Podcast talks about it with director Dan Scanlon, producer Kori Rae, and leading man Billy Crystal, who shares a story about one of his biggest career failures in this CraveOnline Exclusive Video.

Billy Crystal is not alone in Monsters University however, so Bibbs also interviews his co-stars Nathan Fillion ("Castle") and Charlie Day ("It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia") about their college experiences, favorite Pixar films, and the jerkward inside us all.

Plus: Bibbs quizzes Charlie Day on his scare faces. Jazz Clown, anyone?

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