VIDEO: Twins Ball Boy Deserves Contract After Leaping Catch

Most Craved: Being his agent.

Michael Langleyby Michael Langley


Usually when the ball boy of a baseball team makes highlight reels, it's for accidents … not great fielding. Enter Paul Neshek.

Neshek was on the third base sideline for the Minnesota Twins Thursday evening when Chicago White Sox shortstop Alexei Ramirez hit a fast liner his direction. Crave's NESN site posted the video of Neshek leaping out of his shoes to snare the foul ball before it went into the stands.

A clearly embarrassed Neshek tossed the ball to a kid behind him before taking his seat … in ball boy history.

Of course, adding fame to highlight, Paul's older brother Oakland A's pitcher Pat Neshek tweeted the video to his followers adding the caption: "No fricken way…my brother Paul is on ESPN for play of the night, holy cow what a catch."

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