Comic-Con 2013 Gallery: Costumed Crusaders Hit High Gear as Weekend Opens in San Diego!

With the weekend here, the kid gloves are off -- but plenty of others are on -- as the third day of Comic-Con 2013 rolls in to San Diego!

Jason Kobelyby Jason Kobely

Overheard on the floor of Comic-Con 2013 Saturday:

"It's starting to smell like a Comic-Con in here."

And THAT comment was spoken by a guy in a skin-tight crimson-red Deadpool outfit, no less.

Yes, the weekend is here — and that's when Comic-Con craziness elevates to another level.  It's the biggest crowd of the show, offering cosplayers the biggest possible audience for their costuming creations.

Some work, others don't…but it's always a spectacle.

Take a look at some of the coolest — or occasionally, not so cool — outfits we saw at Day 3 of Comic-Con 2013!


Comic-Con 2013: Cosplay Creations Dominate Day 3!