FFXIV: ARR Open Beta Error 3102 Summons Outrage from Thousands of Players [UPDATE]

*Ifrit casts hellfire on server infrastructure*

Jonathan Leackby Jonathan Leack

Update: If you were affected by Error 3102 try to log in. My issue has been corrected and hopefully yours has as well. Square Enix issued the following statements on Twitter:


Original Story: While enjoying Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn's beta last night, my playtime was halted by a disconnection from the server. "It's a stress test, this is normal" I thought. Wrong. Upon logging back in I was greeted by Error 3102, a code which is now the nightmare of Final Fantasy fans worldwide.

Whatever happened during the server outages yesterday appears to be significant, because it has halted play for tens of thousands of players. Many have taken to gaming forums to voice their displeasure, some going as far as to say they've canceled their pre-order.

Square Enix ushered players to post on a thread in the beta forum with their character name and the world they were playing on when the issue began. In less than 24 hours over 16,000 players have posted on the thread, and it has a growing count of over 266,000 views.

After almost another day passing, Square Enix made the following post on its Twitter account:

The Beta Test errors 3102 and 90000 are still under investigation and unfortunately we have no new information regarding them at this time.

The cause of the issue is unknown, and presently there is no fix. It came shortly after the announcement of Square Enix breaking the open beta record with over 150,000 players concurrently logged in. The game's popularity has been no secret, and at this point that just means more unhappy customers.

With beta ending at 2:00AM PST tomorrow morning, myself and others are left wondering if our beta time has come to an end. The withdrawals are already hitting hard.

Ultimately, the open beta was made specifically to stress test the game before its Early Access launch on August 24th. As long as the issue is resolved before release there's really no merit to complaining. That doesn't mean Square Enix won't take heat, though. MMOs are very fragile during release, and all it takes is one disheartening experience for players to log out of the game and never look back. Let's hope this incident is resolved.


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