Ogio Wants to Bag Up Your Active Lifestyle

More than just a luggage or apparel maker, Ogio wants to help manufacture your active lifestyle.

John Scott Lewinskiby John Scott Lewinski

When you look at Ogio, the lifestyle, apparel, bag and luggage manufacturer, you might think the minds behind the company are on a mission to come up with a product for every need — as though Ogio wants to put everything in one of their bags.

In fact, the growth of Ogio has taken time and careful thought as the company wants to be the first choice for people in motion — whether they're on the way to the golf course, gym, the office or airport.

According to Ogio CEO Tony Palma, the company wants to be known as much as a lifestyle entity as a luggage and apparel maker.

"OGIO is a lifestyle brand known for designing uniquely styled, innovative collections of bags and apparel from highest quality fabrics and materials," Palma told Crave Online, "Our style was born from our heritage in action sports with our quest to design collections that 'get noticed and raise adrenaline levels' at first glance."

BADCKPACKIn fact, Ogio seems to consider its bags as apparel or action fashion accessories instead of merely a place to stick your equipment.

"Our goal is provide consumers with styles that they want to wear and not carry — that are sure to get noticed," Palma said.

Palma explained that OGIO methodically grew during its 25 year history and focused on designing the best bags for motor sports, golf and fitness consumers.

"That best in class heritage in these sports built a strong following for the brand leading to the introduction of lifestyle packs, messengers and travel gear," Palma added. "We're offering innovative, high quality bags with adrenaline styling. Over the past 4 years, OGIO has enjoyed tremendous success with annual growth rates of 28% sparked by an expanded collection of lifestyle bags, golf bags, the new endurance sports collection and the introduction of golf and lifestyle apparel."

"While we offer different styles of both sport and lifestyle bags, we focus our designs and collections on the premium bags and apparel categories where we can offer intelligent design features, quality and style. This differentiated OGIO in each market segment."

Palma said Ogio's future direction will focusing on continued growth while expanding the lifestyle bag collections.

"We have plans to grow our sports channel businesses by expanding our bag collections and growing our recently introduced apparel collections. We are confident that consumers have adopted OGIO as a lifestyle brand and not simply 'a bag brand' which bodes well for category expansion and brand extension."

Those are some fancy and effective business buzzwords to make it clear that the folks grew Ogio intend to keep it growing — even if they don't really want to stick everything in your life into one of their bags.