Best of 2013: Year’s Top 10 Tech Gadgets

Reaching beyond the big ticket consoles and 3D printers, a lot of fun, useful and affordable gadgets came our way in 2013.

John Scott Lewinskiby John Scott Lewinski

The King wants you to check out his personal selections of the best gadgets for 2013.

It can be really easy to do a Top 10 techy gadget list these days because there are so many major product roll-outs that you can just plug in and run. 

Take this year for instance. We saw three major upgrades in gaming systems, two new iPhones, multiple new iPhone killers, an iPad that lost weight and plenty of rival tablets that want to get fat. You could toss off list out of that menagerie in a few minutes.

But, the trick is to get out there in the sea of tech and find the year's best gadgets that might've flown below the radar. In attempt to call your attention to just such possibilities, we offer the year's top 10 gadgets.