Exclusive Preview: Nightwing #27

The Marionette may be pulling Nightwing's strings, or she might be a Mad Hatter victim in need of help... or both.

Andy Hunsakerby Andy Hunsaker

Who exactly is the Marionette? Even she doesn't know, beyond someone who's been royally screwed over by the Mad Hatter. Will Nightwing be able to help her unravel the mysteries of her life – or is she playing him for a sucker?

Check out these exclusive preview pages from Nightwing #27, due out next week.


Nightwing #27


Nightwing #27 P1


Nightwing #27 P2


Nightwing #27 P3  Nightwing #27 P4


Nightwing #27 P5   Nightwing #27 Variant