Exclusive Preview: Action Comics #28

This image has nothing to do with the issue, but steampunk Superman with a mustache is awesome.

Andy Hunsakerby Andy Hunsaker

Superman and his first girlfriend Lana Lang are exploring subterranean realms, snickering at adorable creatures and dealing with an underground matriarchy. Is Clark Kent really a slave 4 Lana? What exactly do they smell like?

Check out Crave Online's exclusive preview of next week's Action Comics #28, from Greg Pak and Aaron Kuder, with a nifty steampunk variant from Dave Johnson. Seriously, 1800s Mustache Superman needs his own Elseworlds book.


Action Comics #28


Action Comics #28 P1


Action Comics #28 P2


Action Comics #28 P3


Action Comics #28 P4


Action Comics #28 P5


Action Comics #28 Variant