Exclusive Preview: Superboy # 30

Superboy finds that he may not be rid of Kon-El just yet...

Blair Marnell by Blair Marnell
For anyone who may have fallen behind on Superboy, it’s important to know that this isn’t the Superboy you thought that you knew.
Kon-El is dead, and in his place (and using his identity) is Jon Lane Kent, the evil son of Superman and Lois Lane from an alternate future. Unlike Kon-El, Jon hates all superheroes and he plans to wipe them all out. The aftermath of Forever Evil may give Jon a chance to further that agenda.
But in this exclusive preview from this week’s Superboy # 30, Jon discovers that the specter of Kon-El may not be gone entirely. And how long can Jon maintain the charade before Kon-El’s friends realize the truth?
Superboy # 30 hits the stands this Wednesday, April 9 courtesy of writer Aaron Kuder, artist Jorge Jimenez Moreno and the rest of the Superboy creative team. 
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