Look Beyond Mega-Brands for Quality Golf Apparel

While the mega-companies dominate the golf apparel business, there are plenty of smaller companies breaking in with quality gear made of the finest materials.

John Scott Lewinskiby John Scott Lewinski


Smaller companies like Sunice are making top-shelf golf gear to rival major manufacturers.

As the final round of the 2014 Masters readies to kick off with multiple players within just a few shots of the coveted Green Jacket, it's time once again for amateur golfers around the world to watch the TV images coming in from Augusta and realize they will never have any business playing such a beautiful course.

However, any golf can at least dress like they belong.

There are giants in the world of golf apparel as there are in any branding world. Watch any PGA event or play a round at your local upscale course and you’ll see outfits from Nike, Adidas, Ping and Callaway on every tee.

Still, there are smaller boutique brands and off-shoots label from the heavy hitters that offer well-made and affordable gear options. Before you see who best rounds Amen Corner on Masters Sunday, take a look at a few possibilities below: