Exclusive Preview: Trinity of Sin: Pandora # 12

Vandal Savage seeks his revenge on Pandora.

Blair Marnell by Blair Marnell
In the aftermath of Forever Evil, Pandora declared her love for the mortal, Marcus Severin as she finally claimed a piece of happiness for herself.
But there is no happy ending for Pandora or any of the Trinity of Sin. The immortal villain, Vandal Savage has found a way to hurt Pandora through the man that she loves. And even Pandora may not be able to withstand a prolonged battle with Savage on his own terms.
DC Comics has passed along an exclusive preview of Trinity of Sin: Pandora # 12 by writer Ray Fawkes and artist Francis Portela. Can Pandora defeat Savage and save her lover? Find out this Wednesday, June 18, as Trinity of Sin: Pandora # 12 hits comic shops everywhere.