34 Classic Pokémon Tracks We’d Love to Hear at the Symphonic Evolutions Concert Series

Our musical Poké wish list.

Griffin Vacheronby Griffin Vacheron

If you haven’t heard, there’s going to be a huge Pokémon music tour. It will be travelling the country, performing live at various renowned concert halls and venues, and will feature a live orchestra playing the classic Pokémon themes you grew up with. It’s okay if you can’t contain your enthusiasm, because neither can I. A couple laps around the house usually helps.

Though only two concert dates have been announced as of this writing, you can expect the tour to touch base in cities around the USA if the similar Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Godesses is anything to go by. It kills me that I wasn’t able to attend Zelda’s live-music debut, and thinking about attending a concert dedicated solely to Pokémon has had me pouring over the soundtracks of its classic games like it’s my job. Thanks to this article, it kind of is.

In honor of this great event, we’ve compiled 34 classic Pokémon tunes from the first three generations of games that we’d absolutely, positively love to see make the cut for the concert. Obviously not all of these will be chosen, but it’s a nice pool to draw from if anyone involved with the event happens to  be reading. For the sake of sticking with “classic” tunes, generations after Ruby and Sapphire have, for now, been omitted. Perhaps there’s enough there for another article down the road.

Without further ado, here are our top classic Pokémon music picks. Think we missed something? Want to share your favorite modern Pokémon tunes instead? Leave a comment and alert your fellow trainers.