Interview: Demarcus Ware Doesn’t Talk Football (Almost)

We caught up with NFL superstar DeMarcus Ware for an interview, and he almost got away without discussing football.

John Scott Lewinskiby John Scott Lewinski

Star defender DeMarcus Ware moves from Dallas to Denver this year, but QBs are still on the menu.

When his impressive NFL career is over, DeMarcus Ware will have plenty of options. Whether he goes into business, broadcasting or some other calling, he won’t be one of those NFL tragedies about a successful athlete who blows his money and his future in close order after retirement.

Of course, before he worries about any of that, he has a Hall of Fame career to continue. This Alabama native has already played in seven Pro Bowls and led the league in sacks in 2008 and 2010.

During the recent GMC Fantasy Football Draft in Denver, Ware stopped by to talk football with the collected journalists, but I ended up talking about everything but. After a successful start to his professional playing days in Dallas with the Cowboys, he made the free agent shift to Denver this year to lead a defense that fell to the Seattle Seahawks in last year’s Super Bowl. 

“I’m liking it in Denver,” Ware said from the sidelines at Sports Authority Stadium at Mile High. “It’s really chill. I’ll just have to see how I handle the winters after growing up in Alabama and playing in Dallas.”

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While he adapts to life in Colorado and preps for the season’s kick-off next week, he’s sticking to his training regimen.

“I lose about six pounds during every practice in camp, so I eat about 3,000 calories a day. I’ll stick to meat and protein early in the week, but I’ll carb load before games. But, I also allow myself a cheat day when anything goes.”

The fact that Ware gets to eat whatever he wants once a week might inspire hateful envy in any man who can only dream of having the same physique. Couple good looks with how well-spoken Ware is, and a broadcasting career seems like a lock when he leaves football behind. But, he won’t desperately need the gig.

“I would like to go into more real estate when I retire. I’m already involved with that. I’ve been careful with my money — sticking to keeping it in savings and bonds. If more guys in the league just did that, I think you wouldn’t see the sad stories of guys ending up broke.”

 While we almost got to the end of the discussion without resorting to the expected, cliched pre-season football questions, I couldn’t let the All-Pro get away without checking in on what he’s looking forward to with his hand in the dirt a mile high.

“With this defense, we’ve got the guys in place that’ll free me up to get to the QB. I’m looking forward to coming into games with that attitude — get to the QB.”

“If you think about the offense we have here, I don’t see a lot of pressure to throw shutouts. We’re going to score points. So, I believe if we hold that other team to 17 points, we’re going to win that game.”