New York Comic Con 2014 Draws 151,000 Fans

Has New York Comic Con managed to eclipse San Diego’s Comic-Con International?

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

The numbers are in for last weekend’s New York Comic Con, and they are very impressive.

Via Comics Alliance, the New York Comic Con’s parent organization, ReedPOP has announced that this year’s convention drew 151,000 fans to the Jacob Javits Convention Center in New York. If those numbers hold up, that means that NYCC has now become the biggest comic convention in North America.

For comparison’s sake, Comic-Con International in San Diego has had its attendance capped at 130,00 for the past few years over space constrictions. Given that a planned extension of the San Diego Convention Center recently fell through, those Comic-Con International numbers won’t get any bigger any time soon.

Naturally, this appears to be leading to even more rumors that Comic-Con International will once again look at its Los Angeles, Anaheim and Las Vegas options to reclaim its crown as the top comic convention. But those kind of moves take time and New York Comic Con could potentially grow even larger in the interim.

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The one aspect that New York Comic Con can’t seem to match is Comic-Con International’s ability to bring in big name movie and TV stars. NYCC has a respectable film and television presence every year, but it doesn’t have the panels or the guest lineup that Comic-Con International has.

However, New York Comic Con does have a much bigger comic book guest lineup and an artists alley that puts Comic-Con International to shame. NYCC is much more comic book friendly than its rival on the west coast.

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