Green Lantern, Green Arrow & The Flash Get New Costumes

DC Comics shows off the latest looks for its iconic superheroes.

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

Earlier this month, DC Comics unveiled new costumes for Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman. But the company’s fashion makeover has only just begun.

Topless Robot and have revealed the new costumes for Green Lantern, Green Arrow and The Flash starting this June after the conclusion of the Convergence crossover event.

Green Lantern New Costume

Green Lantern # 40 set up the new look of its title character when Hal Jordan went rogue from the Green Lantern Corps to shelter them from blame. Along the way, Jordan stole a Green Lantern prototype gauntlet and power pack from the armory. The cover of Green Lantern # 41 (seen above) was drawn by Billy Tan.

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The Flash New Costume

The Flash # 41 cover by Brett Booth and Norm Rapmund depicts Barry Allen in his new costume, which features darker colors and more lightning bolt designs worked into the outfit.

Green Arrow New Costume

And finally, Patrick Zircher’s cover for Green Arrow # 41 has the title character with… longer hair. That’s the only major change to his costume, as the rest of the design appears to have been only slightly modified for the current look.

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