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Boston Celtics Dying A Slow Death

Why it's time for Boston to face a harsh reality.

To say Ray Allen leaving Bean Town to head down to South Beach was a betrayal is like saying Charles Manson is misunderstood. Allen didn’t just decide on free agency to head to another team, he went to Boston’s archrival, the Miami Heat. Apparently, this not only hurt Paul Pierce’s feelings, it also got him thinking of heading to free agency too.

It’s easy to understand where Paul Pierce is coming from. He believed he was a part of something special in Boston where Kevin Garnett, Allen, himself, and now Rajon Rondo were the core group of a team that wanted to ride into the sunset together. Now with Allen heading to greener pastures, or technically nuder beaches (no nuder is not a word, but yes, it should be) Pierce, is second-guessing his own loyalties to Boston.

Just this week, Pierce cleared the air in a national interview stating he was “bitter” that Allen decided to leave Boston and that the two of them had not spoken since the decision weeks ago. He did say Allen had texted him twice, but that was all. So much for these guys being brothers till the end.

Pierce went on to tell the Globe "I think I am going to play this one (contract) out. I want to see what it feels like to be a free agent for once in my life. I think I am going to play this one out. A lot can change in two years.”

With Allen in Miami and Pierce already planning his escape from Boston, the Celtics are realistically left with only Garnett and Rondo. While Rondo is a triple-double machine just coming into his-own, the Celtics have very quickly become a team that would be lucky to get to the Eastern Conference Finals next year.

Even Head Coach Doc Rivers has hinted that he may be walking away from the Celtics soon and General Manager Danny Ainge is left holding the bag deciding what’s next for this famed franchise.

The only two positive moves Boston made this off-season were acquiring Jason Terry and big-man Fab Melo. Unfortunately, this will not be enough for the C's and Ainge must make some tough decisions to keep piece-milling this rapidly aging and disintegrating team together or to try and acquire some young talent and rebuild for the future.

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