Vision Quest | Go Green In These Colorful Sunglasses

Photo: Knockaround Peacock Life Premiums, $30.

As summer edges near, its the right time to invest in a new, or a few, pair of sunnies. Skip the staples, like the matte black, grey fog and tortoise, and try something a little of out of the ordinary. Sunglasses with green frames and or lenses are on a different level, and sure to bring a little color pop to your wardrobe, even if it’s the only place that happens.

The variations in these shades ranges from playful to professional. On the fun side of the fence, the Algorithms by Spitfire are a bright and sunny color, with an over the top style – the entire lens is actually one one piece that spans the front. For something as creative, but in a more standard silhouette, we like the Peacock Life Premiums by Knockaround. Not only are these sunglasses inexpensive and durable (a combination not found all too often), but designed in tandem with an elementary school in San Diego, with all proceeds donated to ArtReach.

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If you’re not interested in the conversation pieces, more reserved models exist that are not only unexpected in color, but also work-appropriate. The Clip On Voltaire by Ahlem is a great option for optical frames that turn into sunglasses, with khaki green hued attachments. And the Benson Sunglasses, by Raen, are a rich forest green lens, with hyper light wire frames, ensuring comfort and wearability during those long summer  days.

The Malpensa sunglasses, $300, look sleek in green, and equally good in bronze or black. 

Photo: Illesteva

Pick up your Peacock Life Premiums, $30,  before they're sold out, because once they're gone, they're out of production. Plus, 100% of proceeds support elementary art education. Just one more reason to love Knockarounds. Sunglasses. 

Photo: Knockarounds

The Panama 3627 in Green, about $230, by RetroSuperFuture, is perfectly androgynous. They will look good on you; they'll look good on your best friend, girlfriend or mate. 

Photo: RetroSuperFuture

The Clement in Moss Green, $69.95, by Komono, has soft angles, and curves, making these shades flattering on many faces. 

Photo: Komono

Perfect as optical frames, but easily transferable into sunglasses, with clip on shades. Try the Clip-On Voltaire by Ahlem, $190. 

The Algorithm shades, $45, by Spitfire, have lightweight, metal frames, with one flat piece, distortion free lens. 

Photo: Spitfire

The Benson Sunglasses by Raen, $185, are made with a lightweight but sturdy metal (which is necessary with those skinny frames.) The deep green lenses are understated and cool. 

Photo: Raen

Diff Eyewear is a specialist in mirrored frames. Try the Dime II in Motley, $85, for a colorful pop, or Barry with tortoise acetate, with green/blue lenses, $85. 

Photo: Diff Eyewear Instagram

Ocean plastic turns into sunglasses when Norton Point gets their hands on it. Try the very eco friendly and equally stylish: The Swell, $129. 

Photo: Norton Point

The Olema by Sunski, $58, are ultra lightweight, offering max comfort when enjoying the outdoors. Plus all of their lenses are polarized and thermally coated for max durability. 

Photo: Sunskis

The Carter by Pacifico Optical, about $120, were designed down under, at Bondi Beach, Australia, and express the carefree nature of sun-lovers who dig stylish shades. 

Photo: Pacifico Optical

The Round Frogsplash, $84.95, by Shadetree Glasses, are made with cork, and feature 100% UV block polarized lenses. 

Photo: Shadetree Sunglasses