Father’s Day Grooming Gifts | Give Dad the Gift of Looking & Feeling Great

Photo: pogrebkov (Getty Images).

Manscaping should be nothing but a pleasure, but maybe your dad isn’t in the loop on all the progress that’s been made in the grooming department. Our selection of grooming gifts are not only good for your body, hair and skin, but are made in small batches by artisans not massive manufacturers, are often eco-friendly, and have some of the best graphic design we’ve seen slapped on small glass bottles ever.

Some dads haven’t embraced mail order razors. For Father’s Day, get him a sampling of the high quality goods direct from the source. Harry’s Truman Set includes three German engineered blades, shaving foam and no commitment (you can get him the subscription for his birthday).

For dad’s that don’t shave, give pops the V76 Beard Oil by Vaughn. Don’t know Vaughn? Well, your dad is probably a fan of some of his customers, like Bruce Springsteen, Richard Gere or Tom Brady.

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If you’re looking for a conversation piece, we recommend getting dad something completely unexpected but totally recognizable. That item is a toothbrush. Don’t be perplexed because when it’s a toothbrush by Boie USA, this isn’t any ordinary drugstore mouth cleaning device, but a long-lasting eco-friendly staple that Dad can appreciate.

Whatever you decide to get your dad on Father’s Day, remember it is indeed the thought that counts, but when you put in a little extra effort it goes much further. Skip the polo, tie, or dreaded gift card and this year give him the gift of great grooming. It’s probably far more than what he would ever spend on hair products, face oil, toothpicks or really anything for himself, but that’s the point. Buy him something he won’t buy himself.

This is not your normal toothbrush. Boie USA makes one that not only lasts twice as long as those drug store ones, but is also made in the USA and eco friendly. 

Photo: Boie USA

Akamai’s grooming essentials are conveniently delivered every 2 months via their subscription service. With just three synthetic-free products, you can achieve clean and healthy teeth, skin and hair with much less fuss, far fewer products and at a lower cost.

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The V76 Beard Oil, $19, by Vaughn, conditions and softens course beards and mustaches. 

Photo: Vaughn

Give dad a reason to get excited about shower accessories without even realizing it. Duke Cannon’s Big Ass Beer Soap is manufactured with Old Milwaukee beer as the key ingredient, so your pops will have a robust sandalwood scent that provides that ‘just showered smell’ versus that ‘just left the bar smell. Also includes Cold Shower Cooling Cubes, Superior Grade Shaving Cream, Superior Grade Hair Wash, and Cannon Balm Tactical Lip Protectant -- all delivered in a custom Duke Cannon burlap sack.

The No. 317 Personalized Toiletry Bag, $125, by Sivani, is made to order in the USA, and can be monogrammed for your pops. 

Photo: Sivani

The Essentials Kit, $126, by Noto Botanics, is a uni-sex sampling of the key oils to keep your skin and hair healthy  and smelling good. 

Photo: Noto Botanics

The Every Blend 6 Pack Toothpicks, $38, are truly the unexpected gift to give. This sampling from Daneson, $38, includes cinnamint, ginger honey, and lemon flavors amongst others. 

Photo: Daneson

Help dad try out a shaving club without the commitment. Try the Truman Set, $15, by Harry's. 

Photo: Harry's

The Natural Beeswax Pomade, $20, by Alder New York, gives hair a light hold with subtle sheen, and naturally smells like honey. 

Photo: Alder New York

We love how the Mustache & Beard Comb, $8, by Swissco, reminds us of the amazing sexy lady leg lamp from A Christmas Story.

Photo: Swissco

Why buy dad a boring (but necessary) candle for the bathroom? Try something new - like Incense Matches, $17.99. Light, blow out and let the light stream of smoke fragrance the room. 

Photo: The Incense Match

This subtle and stylish John Varvatos dopp kit includes 2 signature scents (the Artisan Eau de Toilette and ohn Varvatos Eau de Toilette) in tasteful travel sizes. 

The Essential Collection by Fatboy, $55, features their new sea salt pomade, their bestselling putty, water wax and some regular, high quality soap. 

Photo: Fatboy

The Tattoo Care Kit, about $25, by Men's Society, is for brand new or really old tattoos. The kit includes soothing wash, moisture balm and more. 

Photo: Men's Society