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Spotlight | Denham the Jeanmaker

The devil is in the details for this Dutch denim label.

Derek Georgevichby Derek Georgevich
Denham wants to take your new denim jeans from virgin to vintage. Reading between the lines, that means that when you invest in a pair of these, you’re buying quality construction that is built to last. For this reason, Denham guarantees a commitment to helping you maintain, service and repair your jeans. That might seem like a steep challenge for a brand based in Amsterdam, but they have also have authorized dealers in L.A. and N.Y.C., plus a super comprehensive digital home at In other words, you’re in good hands.

For Spring 2016, Denham presents both relaxed and slim fit denim, in a variety of washes. The worn-in, faded look by Denham is on par, as seen in the Cross Carrot Fit and Razor Slim Fit. The collection is then rounded out with a large variety of shirts, sweaters and tees. All come in a family of earth tones making for a classic, cool and grown up style.

All photos courtesy of Denham the Jeanmaker.